Summer with Habu

I finally made it to a store I’ve only heard mention of for years, Habu Textiles. It was gorgeous – so many fibers and different blends of fibers that make this brand so unique. The most interesting part is they are actually spinning fibers and running machines behind the curtains, so to speak. I was itching to peak, but somehow managed to restrain myself – I could only imagine what beautiful chaos ensued from the humming and clacking in the background.


What could I possibly be shopping for at this time of year when temperatures are heating up and people are shedding layers? Knitters are stereotyped to have a season. Whether it’s the dawn of a new, trendy hobby (YES, that’s right, I said it), or light-weight knitting has always been a thing – there are a slew of beautiful projects that can be worn in the hot, steamy summer months.

During my trip to Habu Textiles, I chose some exciting fibers to experiment with. Two of those fibers are Shosenshi Linen Paper (which has a thin coating of viscose) and Wool Stainless Steel.


Here’s a preview of the summer knit in progress – I love the opaque quality of the linen:


Stay tuned!

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