DeConstructing CROCHET


Last week, a new pattern was added to the DeConstructed Cowl family! When I released the original pattern, some of you felt it was missing a little something – a little crochet.

Blacker Yarns was thrilled to support our new idea. I asked the hippest crocheter I know to design this new set of DeConstructed mini scarves. It all came together and we had a Beth Strauss & KnitKnackAAD collaboration!

For this set, we used the same concept of four neutrals and four saturated colors. This group samples four new colors of Blacker Yarns Falkland Merino DK and for the neutrals we used Blacker Yarns Shetland DK.


With this new set of DeConstructed mini scarves comes a NEW GIVE AWAY!


Sponsored by:


What you will win:
4 skeins of Blacker Shetland DK: White, Grey, Fawn, and Moorit
4 skeins of Blacker Swan over-dyed Falklands Merino DK: Balsam Bog, Sunset, Lavender, and Navy
Free Ravelry Download Code for DeConstructed Cowl Crochet.

The Throw Down:
On Monday, February 16th, 2015 I will be drawing a name out of a hat.
You can enter multiple times and here’s how:

1) I’ve started a Discussion Thread in my Knack of the Knit Ravelry Group. Join the group and comment on the thread.

Please note: You must join group to enter.

2) Magic Link DeConstructed Cowl CROCHET to another Ravelry thread and mention “#BlackerGiveAway2”.

Please note: You must “Magic Link” the pattern to enter.

3) RePost the Instagram Photo announcing this very GiveAway from amandaadavidson on instagram. Tag the photo with #BlackerGiveAway, @amandaadavidson, and @blackeryarns.

Please note: You must have all three of these tags to enter.

4) Share my Facebook post which announces the #BlackerGiveAway2: KnitKnackAAD Facebook

Please note: You must share the post directly from the KnitKnackAAD page to enter. If you link from this blog post, you MUST tag KnitKnackAAD Facebook page for me to see it! I can’t track who shares this post from WordPress. 

All entries MUST be submit by Midnight CST Sunday, February 15th.

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2 thoughts on “DeConstructing CROCHET

  1. gingerbreadfarm says:

    Hi Amanda!
    I am having an issue with curling edges on my mini scarf! I purchased the pattern for the Deconstructed Scarf and am working on the “scales” pattern mini scarf in an informal knitting class. I am using DK wool in a 3 suggested by the instructor. The farther I knit the worse the curling becomes. The instructor told me slipping the first stitch on each row wasn’t important and so we didn’t do it.
    Now I’m wondering if that could be the issue??? Or the weight of the DK??
    I don’t want to put anymore time and effort into it if this will be the end result.
    The sides are so curled they’re rolled and almost touching each other.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Obviously, I won’t return to the class until I’ve gotten your input. 😁
    Thank you.
    Jodi Wells

    • Hi Jodi,

      Unfortunately, it’s the stockinette stitch that has this specific scarf curling. I ran into issues for a couple other designs and re-worked the pattern because of it. The reason I kept this as a basis of stockinette is because it was one of the wider widths. I blocked the original set, but there is still a bit of curling. I don’t mind it because of it’s width, you don’t loose a lot of it and once braided together, I really don’t notice it. I used the larger needle of the two recommended to tone it down. The Slip Stitch edging is for cleaner edges and wouldn’t effect the curling.

      Did you gauge for the pattern? A US3 sounds awfully small, but perhaps you are a loose knitter. I recommended a US 7 & 8, and I personally used a size up from that because I am a tight knitter.

      I hope that helps – can’t wait to see how you do!

      All the best,

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