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Girl in a Polka Dot Skirt

As much as I love to get my knit on, sometimes I like to change things up. Sewing is another favorite craft of mine which is a great creative outlet.


I originally bought this navy blue dot print by Kiyohara in 2010 to make kitchen curtains. Due to laziness, this never happened – and thank goodness! In Spring 2013, I wanted a new skirt.

Being a picky shopper, I knew what I wanted and it seemed simple. Instead of running around to store after store coming up with nothing, I decided to make my own. I wanted a short skirt with a heavily gathered waist.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a very talented sewer, but do what I can. To achieve the fit I was going for, I made this skirt with two long rectangles – exaggerating the width of the rectangle to have extra fabric to gather with the elastic. For the length, I made sure to account for the seam allowance to fit the elastic at the top and the hem at the bottom.

For an extra challenge, I added pockets! I used a complimentary fabric for a fun surprise.



In a day, I was able to create a simple skirt with basic knowledge of sewing and geometry.



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