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Construction Grade Grocery Bag

IMG_5534_headerAfter I made the Clapotis Scarf, I was inspired by how the drop stitch on the bias layered upon itself to create a plaid effect. I immediately jumped into knitting another rectangle in this pattern to create a bag. The toughest knit bag to ever be knit.


To have a heavy, duty grocery bag, I went to Home Depot and bought construction twine. The fun component to choosing from this selection is the great neon colors. Because I’m me and always like to add a pop of color interest, I knit most of this bag in white twine, but added one small section of neon pink. Because this project is knit on the bias, once folded this section becomes diagonal. I knit this is such a way so that the color sit in the corner of the folded piece (meaning I knit equal parts of white on either side of the pink).

I do have to admit, the created fabric is a bit difficult to work with. Even though I knit a rectangle, the combination of stiff twine and knitting on the bias makes the shape of this bag difficult to photograph beautifully. Functionally, however, this bag is a success!

Word to the wise: If you choose to attempt knitting with construction twine, be cognizant of your needle selection. I used metal Addi Turbo circular needles, and they seemed to ever so slightly bend!



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