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Ombré Grocery Bag

Last summer in Brooklyn, my little group of crafters came together for a Bring Your Own Project with a special twist. My very good friend, Sally had a craving to do some tie-dye on her roof while the weather was still nice. Each person brought different items to play with. I chose to knit a grocery bag for a dip dye.

Here we are goofing off during set up.


For this project, I used the pattern Grrlfriend Market Bag by Laura Spradlin. I had a few skeins in my stash of Maya by Tahki Yarns. It’s a gorgeous thick & thin spin of 100% cotton – sadly now discontinued. When knitting a bad, I always think it best to use some kind of blend of plant fiber so that your final product doesn’t stretch too much.

IMG_4331Sadly, I didn’t take a before picture of the un-dyed bag. I ended up bringing the bag while still in the process of knitting. We had the primary colors for dying, but I knew I wanted a teal. I took a little bit of the blue dye and yellow dye to make in a separate bucket. I played around with the amounts of blue and yellow until I had the desired color. I did tests on scraps of the yarn I was using – you really need to use the same yarn for testing because the color will be different on other blends / colors. The yarn was an off-white being a natural un-dyed fiber.

To get an ombré effect, I simply laid the bag, bottom down, in the bucket. I didn’t submerge the entire bag, but just a larger section to start off. I let it sit for a few minutes, letting some of the dye creep up the part not in the dye. I then pulled just part of the bag out and let the bottom rest in the bucket for a long period of time, again letting the dye creep up the bag. I didn’t pay attention to time, but more watching the bag and letting it soak until I was happy with the result.




Being a precious handmade object, I don’t put particularly heavy items in the bag. ravelry

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