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The 2015 Diet

Yes, it’s true. I am being ever so cliché and taking on a diet for my New Year’s Resolution. A YARN diet. You’ve all seen the Yarnerator. I have worked at two incredibly successful and inspiring yarn shops – Purl Soho and Knitche. I’ve also been knitting for over 8 years. The sad truth of it all – my Yarnerator canNOT even hold all the yarn I call my own.


You think I’m kidding? Ask my mother. The first time she saw my stash was just over a year ago. My mother knows nothing of knitting. She says to me, “Uh … Amanda … do you ever have a project in mind when you buy yarn?” with a look of utter confusion. Those of us in the yarn world know THERE’S NO SUCH THING. The sadder truth, my stash has grown by at least 50% since that encounter – but A LOT of that has already been used … maybe – I don’t know exactly how the math works out.

I have many resolutions this year. One is to get out of my apartment more. Freelancing, knit design, and general knitting are not activities which are great for getting me out of the house and I have decided this is the year I will try harder to meet a man – OKCupid is NOT doing it for me. Another was to not buy yarn until I have finished three projects – two of which had to be from my stash. I decided this was not good enough once I took into account all that I made in 2014:

Rav_FOWhile I am incredibly proud of all that I made in 2014 (and I don’t think this is even the whole of it), maybe 15% came from stash (part of Diamond in the Gradient, the stripe of my Staggered Cowl, two thirds of By the Mayside, half of Sparrow, meet Habu, Geometry Trapezoid, Janna’s Tunic ::Part Deux, and half of Chevron Stripes hat). Two projects were sponsored, but I bought the yarn for everything else! I am SO proud to have supported Local Yarn Shops, but I have to remember I am a broke-ass female! Here in is where I birthed my newest New Year’s … let’s call it a dare.


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New Years Past

Last year I had some close friends over for New Year’s Eve. While I sit and ponder what to do this year, I thought I would share some shots from last year.


Cupcake liners aren’t only good for baking, they’re great for decorating. I bought cupcake liners from the dollar store to make little flying-saucer-esque decorations. The package I bought had both silver and white which layered nicely together. I used some ribbon to poke through the middle and trotted through the apartment on a ladder to hang these orbs.


Of course, to have a party, the whole crew has to be dressed appropriately. Cats included. To show off their dapper personalities, I fashioned these bow-ties using Manos del Uruguay Handspun. Please let me introduce you two my two main bosses – the brother and sister duo of the loft. The gentleman on the left is Lubalin (as in my favorite typographer, Herb Lubalin) who is constantly classy in his tuxedo. Her highness on the right is Costello (as in my old roommate’s favorite musician, named before we knew her gender). I’m sure you’ll read more on them as this blog moves forward.


As an unplanned activity, we played shadow puppets with the projector and RockBand Pro. Look at these designers (Sally & Nick) rockin’ it!

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